Calendar event in Office365 syncs to SpiceCRM but shows html code in CRM event

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Was the field type set for the event display in the crm (meeting or call) customized to be of type richtext?
The standard is only a textarea and will not render html content.


Thanks for your quick response.

There has been no customization of the calendar module in SpiceCRM - this is out-of-the-box functionality.

Ok. Please customize module configuration for Meetings and Calls.

  1. Workbench > fieldsets
    Select Meetings
    Copy original fieldset for detail view
    Set richtext as field type for description in the custom fieldset.
  2. Workbench > componentsets
    Select Meetings
    Copy original componenset for detail view
    Select the custom fieldset created above in the objectrecorddetailtab
  3. Workbench > module conf
    Select Meetings
    Copy entry for ObjectRecordDetails
    In the custom entry select the custom component created above.

Reload the configuration or logout/login

Now html shoul be rendered in meetings


I managed to update the Description field in Meeting for the calendar in SpiceCRM to richtext - however i have some undesirable outcome.

  1. Now the Description field in the event on the Office 365 side is showing the html code

  1. The events on the SpiceCRM calendar appear to only show the description field - which doesn’t look right

Question - is this something that should be updated in a future version so we don’t have to customize each instance ?

Please advise.

I guess the mapping for the 365 files ist plainText and not HTML. We will review packages for coming release 2023.01.001

Thank you - I will look for this fix in the latest version when it is released.