Custom functions in union reports


I have a report that unions the opportunities module and an orders module. Is there any way to add a custom function that would apply to a field in the opportunities module but not in the orders module. I want my report to display the weighted value of opportunities along with the value of the orders.


Hi Jonny,
I hope following example matches your needs.
My report contains the sum of opportunities amounts and the number of proposals per month. I sum on opportunities but not on proposal amount. I count proposals but disregard opportunities count.
What I do is set “fixed value” to 0 for the field that shall not be calculated.


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Additional information: under 4.1 you will get an SQL error if you don’t map a currency field on the opportunity amount field. Reason: Select - SQL Query is automatically built with an additional field for currency. For a union you need the same amount of ields in select.
Map the order amount. Since you set fixed value to 0, it won’t be considered in the final results.