Filter date in customfunction

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I’ve been tried to make an report that count the number of both task and meeting records, and also filter based on date. even thought I don’t know how use {p1} and {p2} inside the customfunction. bellow it is attached images to show witch I build for while. do we have any idea how build this report or use the reserved variables {p1} and {p2}?

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Caio Carvalho


Please check this Video

thanks so much for you help

Hello again, this unfortunately can’t solved my problem, I need to filter this records for date, I built another customfunction, can you tell me if this syntax is correct? who can I put from/to in the customfunction?
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Caio Carvalho


There won’t exist any tasks where the date entered is both greater than 03/04 and less than 30/03. That doesn’t make sense.

Sorry big mistake… now I’ve used ‘between’ but nothing for while. Can you tell me if it is possible user date inside customfunction?

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Caio Carvalho

I think your issue is the date format and/or quote marks. I tried it and it works like this…

date_entered >= ‘2018-03-30’ and date_entered <= ‘2018-04-26’

It’s working now, thanks so much.