Sub Grouping of results


I am trying to condense a list of results from a custom module into some simplified counts.

I am looking to group the output by assigned user and then provide a count of 2 sub groups from a single field.

Conform Type has 2 values, “16AI” and “8RO”. I am looking to find a total count that each user has assigned of these 2 values.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Adam, do you mean something like this?

In my example I count the number of opportunities per opportunity type per user.

Alternative display would be with a pivot table.
Following example presents the number of opportunities per user per sales stage

Hello Martval,

This worked perfectly! Thank You for for quick response.

I refined it slightly by just not showing the user column and let them just show user by groups.

Thanks Again!



Would you happen to know a way to add columns and provide the totals on a weekly basis?

My boss has asked that I run this as a rolling weekly report and add the new weeks information onto the end of it. I dont mind entering all date ranges as there is only 26 weeks this report will be used.

I have marked up an excel export to show what Im looking for, and if anybody could point in the right direction I would appreciate it.


Adam, that kind of view willnot be possible with the grouped view.
You will have to change to pivot.

My pivot table display the number of opportunities created per user per business type per calendar week.

I dragged date entered to manipulate tab, added customFunction YEARWEEK({t}.{f} and grouped by it. I reordered grouping sequence. I renamed the column date created field to Week created

Pivot settings: