Union Module - Companies and Opportunities


I need a report thaht unions the companies module and opportunities module exist in the same report.
How can i see how many and which companies converted by a single leads souce.
For Example, with this view:
Company: ABC 2
VAT Number: 00000000000
Leads source: Autogenerate



if I understand your description correctly, you converted some leads to Account & Opportunity pairs and you would like to know which companies and opportunities where created on lead conversion per lead source.

The “lead source” you are refering to is in the lead itself.
Assuming that you created 1 account with 1 opportunity for each lead, you may use Leads link to accounts and Opportunities to build you report.

Select Accounts as starting module.
Open the tree
Scroll down to Leads, Click “Leads”. Leads fields are loaded, drag and drop source field

For Opportunity Data continue opening Leads tree, find Opportunities, then drag opportunity fields

If you have KReporter PRO version you can select GroupedView presentation and set lead source as grouping field. A tree presentation would do as well.

If you want to be able to filter by lead source, drag the Accouns->Leads lead_source in SELECT tab and make it editable.