Add fields to Event Registrations

Hi, does anyone know how to add fields to Event Registrations?
In Studio, it does not appear on the list of modules

refer to developer guide for Sugar 6.5

Create file custom/Extensions/modules/EventRegistrations/Ext/Vardefs/eventregistrations.vardefs.php
Add your fields there
//add field ‘yourfieldname’
$dictionary[‘EventRegistration’][‘fields’][‘yourfieldname’] = array(
‘name’ => ‘yourfieldname’,
‘type’ => ‘varchar’,
‘len’ => 100

Add the label
Create file custom/Extensions/modules/EventRegistrations/Ext/Language/en_us.lang.php

$mod_strings[‘LBL_YOURFIELDNAME’] = ‘The label for your fieldname’;

Do a repair/rebuild after adding your files


Thanks Val,

I came up with a much more complicated solution in the meantime – good to have the correct way.

Next is formula fields, I will try the documentation first before screaming for help.