Background Color In Cells

Kreports is used extensively with our customers (We sell kReports and CRM) however for one particular report we have used a business intelligence reporting solution because we cannot see how KReports can achieve the results we are after.

So I thought I would post a question in the hope you can help.

The report lists each customer down the left as a row per customer.
For each customer we see columns for up to 10 different products they buy from us or we are in the process of selling to them. So we end up with a matrix or pivot like table view. One column per product.

Now this view is colour coded to help with gap analysis. For instance, for each product sold it is coloured green. For each product we are actively selling it is coloured blue. If the deal is lost for that particular product it is coloured grey. And if we’ve never sold or told the customer about a product it is a white space.

My question is, can we colour code cells within a matrix report to reflect the same? If so we can do away with the BI tool and just have the one reporting solution.

Thanks for your help and great product by the way :slight_smile:

Simon, it is not possible to add conditions to colorize cells in a pivot table.
Would a chart type like marimekko help? I attached an example trying to aim the kind of report you described.