Calc formula in kreporter csv export?

Hi, i need help to use calc formula into csv export ?

My screenshot : calc & csv export

how to use formula ?

And how to remove € in csv export ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

store the variable (give it a name).
In my example I store the amount in total
In formula you may use php syntax, meaning php functions, or simply opertors like +, - / or *, brackets.

Please note how to use the stored variable in formula using { } : {total} in my example

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Regarding currency symbol: do you use overrideType in present tab? If you specified a currency type, then currency symbol will be exported. Use overridetype number, integer or do not format.

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ok for remove € in my export :slight_smile:

for formula and php syntax, i need more detail please :sweat_smile:

I need
column “%” * column “presta” (how i can transform 90% to 0.9 ?)
column “Maint” /1211 (12 = total month & 11=november)
i need to store the month of edition in a variable (november today, and soon december for Maint/12

And SUB TOTAL for both ?

Thanks a lot maretval

assuming that % contains 90, you get 0.9 by doing 90/100
Add a fixed field to display your subtotal

For the rest I don’t understand what you need.

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