Division in Formula not

I have a pretty basic report that is using two stored values in a formula.

The values show up without a problem. The issue is if I use the stored variable as the divisor in my formula, the report won’t load. It just sits at “loading” and will spin indefinitely.

For example:
The following will NOT work:
{withinsla} / {totalreviews}
1 / {totalreviews}
1 / {withinsla}

The following WILL work:
{totalreviews} / 1
{withinsla} / 1
{withinsla} + {totalreviews}
{withinsla} - {totalreviews}
{withinsla} * {totalreviews}

No errors when it doesn’t work. It just spins and sits at loading.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please php error log on “division by zero” error. Just in case the divisor contains 0.
If if it’s not the error source, please state your KReporter Version

Thank you! I actually checked that first. Neither of those values contains a zero.
and it’s v. 3.0.5

OK. 3.0.5 is very old. I am not sure I have it.
Could you post a screenshot of your manipulate tab? I would like to check the order of the values.

But please note that both values work successfully in the formula field if I am adding, subtracting or multiplying them. It’s ONLY division and ONLY if the stored value is used as the divisor that it breaks.

Sorry! The upload didn’t work the first time.

Thx! Did you set an override type for field “% Within SLA” under presentation tab?

I wasn’t. But I tried setting an override type (both number and percentage, actually) and got the same result. Spinning.

I also tried making sure the “/” wasn’t escaping the “{” and tried
{sladays} / (1 * {allreviews})

Also spinning.

mmmh. I can’t guess further.
I found a version 3.0.5 in my archives, I built a similar report (excel I have no customSQL) and division works.
You may try one thing:
open modules/KReports/KReport.php
find function processFormulas
add a @ before eval => @eval($formula . ‘;’);

Sorry for delay. I had to get an OK from the main developer before making code changes. I added the @eval in the kreport.php file and it made no difference. S

Something is obviously hanging this up and keeping it from working properly. Any other ideas on how I can get around this? Or anywhere I can check to see what is causing the issue?

Php error log and sugarcrm.log are the files to check.