Cannot enable Module for my Connector


I just created a Connector for my SpiceCRM Installation to access Contacts from an external Website. The Installation of the Module was successful. Now i wanted to activate the Contact Module for my Connector but when i go to “Administration/Connectors/Enable Connectors” and then click on my Connector-Name - drag Contacts to the Enabled List and then click on “Save” Button - nothing happens. I can’t see any Error in the Javascript Console and there is no Request to the Server. Is there an other way i can enable Contacts for my Connector? I am using SpiceCRM 2016.12.00(Build 1) on Linux

Thank you in advance

I just tried out in spicecrm 2018.10.001 with the insideview connector. it works.
To enable manually:
add after_ui_frame too custom/modules/Contacts/logic_hooks.php
add custom/modules/Connectors/connectors/ext/rest/YOURCONNECTOR/mapping.php
$mapping = array (
‘beans’ => array (
‘Contacts’ => array (