Increase font size GLOBALLY?

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I need to enlarge the font size of the CRM (globally). How do I do this?

Lastly, when i increase the font size, will further updates overwrite my change? Or will this be done via a “child” CSS file?

Kelley, to customize SpiceCRM theme, create a custom/themes/SpiceTheme folder.
Use same structure as in themes/SpiceTheme
You will need a css/app.css : that’s the stylesheet to modify.
and tpls/_head.tpl + tpls/header.tpl to tell which template and which css file to load.
This way your modifications will not be overwritten by any update.
Think of doing a repair/rebuild to have the pages rebuilt with your changes

Thanks Val! I’m hoping that you can tell me there’s just ONE line I need
to modify for the global change. My luck there are hundreds of them… :frowning:

Kindest Regards,

Kelley Chambers

Certified Web Designer & Front End Developer


Kelley, it’s a whole theme and t is complexe. I can’t tell you exactly which values to modify. Look for font-size property within the file and try out.