Personalize SpiceCRM Back-end with a logo

Hi Val,

Thank you for the new release of SpiceCRM! Neat installation of the back-end, smooth transfer of a CRM from SugarCRM-CE. Front-end, hmm, seems to have some connectivity issues on my installation.

Anyway, my question is a lay-out question: As we are running multiple difference instances in parallel, we use a logo to easily identify which instance you are working in. In Administration>System settings>user interface> one can upload a logo, which is SugarCRM is displayed in the upper-left corner of the UI. In this SpiceCRM-UI version this is not the case.

Is there an easy way to display a logo in an empty corner of the UI?

Thanks, Erik

I think you are looking for this
loginimage.png (image for login screen)
headerimage (image on top left after login)
More details under

Hi Val,

Thanks for your guidance. I noticed the logo in the front end, however, for some of our applications the front-end is overkill and the backend will do as CRM system. This is where I would like to add a logo.

Is that (still) possible?

Regards, Erik

SpiceTheme does not regard uploadable logo in admin > settings. Easiest way for your own logo is to save your image under custom/include/images/sugar_md.png
Please note that image dimension are width=“340” and height=“25”
This is hardcoded in modules/Users/Login.php

Alternative would be to customize modules/Users/login.tpl:

  • 1 core modification in modules/Users/Login.php (this will be added to next SpiceCRM version): add get_custom_file_if_exists in last line:
  • copy modules/Users/login.tpl to custom/modules/Users/login.tpl
  • Set your image tag instead of {$LOGIN_IMAGE}

I can’t promise it will be implemented but I will evaluate workload to make use of company logo in SpiceTheme.

Hi Val,

Thanks for your answer!

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just to let you know that the feature will be part of release 2019.01.001 coming up in January 2019.


Hi Val,

Thanks for this message, I look forward to the new update!