Kreport 4.4 release date?

Hey there,

Im a SuiteCRM User, I’ve tried to create report with the default report plugin, but I wanted a grand total of a fields, and that is not possible so after many times of research I found this plugin.

I installed it and tweaked it to make it work and by searching here I found that a new version is in progress (4.4). Wanted to know if there is any release date ? Cause a lot of thing I want to do are not enabled here in the 4.2.

Thanks in advance !

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Release was postponed. No date defined for now

If you found and downloaded KReporter 4.2 then you have only the free version.
Full version looks like appropriate distribution for you.
Contact kreporter team by using form at the bottom of that page to get more information about license and pricing.

Hey, thanks for your answer.

There is no way to make a grand total in the FREE version …?

I saw that we can to SQL query, so there is a way no ?

You may use group by and sum to get the grand total.
But you won’t be able to have the list of your records and the grand total below in the same report.