KReport Bar Chart Sorting Issue


I have one dropdown field of “Office”. It displays the value as text and DB stores the value integer. How it’s possible to sort on DB value instead of display value.

Drop Down of Office

DB Value ::: Display Value
7 ::: Alliance
42 ::: CAAS


Offshore Evolution Pvt Ltd

Is your Kreporter a full version? If yes, you should have the query analyzer under tab integration.
Turn it on, save, then you will see the queryanalyzer button in “tools”.
Please trigger and copy/paste the query built here. I’d like to see it.
Is the office column an integer?

Hi @maretval

Yes, we are using Kreporter a full version.


SELECT MIN(chytfbdznnc.id) as sugarRecordId, ‘Accounts’ as “sugarRecordModule” , aebpthxehmp.id as “aebpthxehmpid”, ‘root:Accounts::relate:Accounts:client_partner_c’ as “aebpthxehmppath”, jbszyrknxpa.id as “jbszyrknxpaid”, ‘root:Accounts::link:Accounts:assigned_user_link’ as “jbszyrknxpapath”, mqjafbmqryr.id as “mqjafbmqryrid”, ‘root:Accounts::link:Accounts:opportunities’ as “mqjafbmqryrpath”, chytfbdznnc.id as “chytfbdznncid”, ‘root:Accounts’ as “chytfbdznncpath”, MIN(hpfykjaryxe.office_c) as “k12c9c53ed4d039a3c795eb459bdf”, (LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(aebpthxehmp.first_name,"")," “,IFNULL(aebpthxehmp.last_name,”"))))) as “kb35d0708b84badd9e576870dd176”, (LTRIM(RTRIM(CONCAT(IFNULL(jbszyrknxpa.first_name,"")," “,IFNULL(jbszyrknxpa.last_name,”"))))) as “k7405f674b7aa440a4b15a12ba5c4”, hpfykjaryxe.client_id_c as “k14c6da5a90b61eb35cac7d1d1d08”, MIN(chytfbdznnc.name) as “k085f8f1af6b61565a41ca57f2140”, MIN(chytfbdznnc.industry) as “k6d2bd5137a5c314d1c42d8110222”, SUM(erxabmpzjgb.estimated_revenue_c) as “k3203962249783675d86a60909455”, mqjafbmqryr.currency_id as ‘k3203962249783675d86a60909455_curid’, MIN(erxabmpzjgb.service_item_c) as “ke0826fc8cd51eed051f8d1467afc”, MIN(hpfykjaryxe.referred_by_c) as “kc3baadd4468b4d0f8aab86b2342c”

FROM accounts chytfbdznnc

LEFT JOIN accounts_cstm as hpfykjaryxe ON chytfbdznnc.id = hpfykjaryxe.id_c

LEFT JOIN users AS aebpthxehmp ON aebpthxehmp.id=hpfykjaryxe.user_id1_c

LEFT JOIN users_cstm as bqsxesmmrmp ON aebpthxehmp.id = bqsxesmmrmp.id_c

LEFT JOIN users jbszyrknxpa ON chytfbdznnc.assigned_user_id=jbszyrknxpa.id AND jbszyrknxpa.deleted=0

LEFT JOIN users_cstm as gzdryejcrsn ON jbszyrknxpa.id = gzdryejcrsn.id_c

INNER JOIN accounts_opportunities terkgrqwkbt ON chytfbdznnc.id=terkgrqwkbt.account_id AND terkgrqwkbt.deleted=0

INNER JOIN opportunities mqjafbmqryr ON mqjafbmqryr.id=terkgrqwkbt.opportunity_id AND mqjafbmqryr.deleted=0

LEFT JOIN opportunities_cstm as erxabmpzjgb ON mqjafbmqryr.id = erxabmpzjgb.id_c

WHERE chytfbdznnc.deleted = ‘0’

GROUP BY hpfykjaryxe.client_id_c

ORDER BY MIN(hpfykjaryxe.office_c) ASC

“Office” is the Account of the custom “DropDown” field. It is DB data type is varchar.

DropDown Option List
‘7’ => ‘Alliance’,
‘43’ => ‘Cannabis’,
‘42’ => ‘CAAS’,
‘35’ => ‘Cherry Hill’,
‘2’ => ‘Finanace’,
‘10’ => ‘NAPLES’,

Report of Graph sorting on DB value of varchar 10(NAPPLES), 35(Cherry Hill), 39(West Palm Beach), 42(CAAS), 43(Cannabis), 7(Alliance)
Data is displayed on DropDown Display Value

I want the toggle option to search by DropDown display value or search by DB value.

if you convert you string values to integers using a customSQL


for office_c you should get sorting as wished but you will loose the label in display.

Only solution I see for now would be to have native integers for your values in the dropdown


I am using the CAST in the office_c field but it is lost the display value and again sorting issues 0, 10, 35, 39, 42, 43, and 7.

Then you’ll have to make your office_c an integer field. Not string.

But in the chart sorting as string 0, 7, 10, 35, 39, 42, and 43 but in below data as soring string 0, 35, 39, 42, 43, and 7.

Looks like presentation grouped view will consider the value as a string.
What if you go back to string values for your enum but using leading zeros?
035 and so on?