Drilldown report passing display value not database value

Hi Val, when we drill down into a child report and pass a value from a dropdown the display value is passed to the child report and not the database value. this means you have to click the filter and select the correct filter.


Thanks for reporting this.
In my KReporter 4.4 the database value is passed. But the database value is also displayed in parent report and not the corresponding language label.
I’ll take a look into it.

Thanks Val. is there a way to get the database value showing instead of language label? it could be a quick workaround until it is resolved.

Try this: override type in presentation with “do not format”

Hi Val, Do not format has no bearing on passing the values to the child report. any other ideas ?

as a test i stored the result and displayed it in a fixed field. i set the fixed field to be the mapping in the dropdown.
passing the database value works and the child report loads correctly.

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Clever workaround! Thanks for sharing

Hi Val, it’s not really a workaround it was more to illustrate the point that the values being passed are incorrect.