KReport detail page does not load report

I have the pro version of KReprot. It is working fine on the Edit page but when I am saving the report and redirect to the detail page but the report does not load.

There is no error in the error log or SuiteCRM log or no console log error.

Please anyone help me. Thanks in advance


Which version of SuiteCRM is it?
Which Version of KReporter ist it?

SuiteCRM 7.10.29 and KRepoort 4.4.0.

It is working on the edit page. But do not show report on detail page.

@maretval Do you have an idea? What is the issue?

That’s what I see with a SuiteCRM 7.10.10 and KReport 4.4.0

What I noticed is that the license check that is fired (it not fired every time you load the report) runs into a php error. The request dies on target. Then I guess the report display ist stopped.
In that case I just get this:

How does it look like in your display when the report doesn’t show?

My other instance is calling

My one instance called only
does not call then after another API call.

Another working instance

So, it will be a license issue?

you have no error in your console.
The license call doesn’t trigger every time.

How does your display look like when the report doesn’t render?

oh sorry, you already posted a screenshot

Looks like security groups access is missing for view of module KReports. Can it be that the user has edit permissions and no view persmission?
I am not familiar with this display

I am a login admin user, it is a member of the “Onboarding” security group, and I append the “Onboarding” security group but still the same issue.

Is it SuiteCRM classic theme or is it another one?

Yes, it is SuiteCRM “SuiteP” theme with “Day”.

Do you have any Theme customizations? Any template you changed?

No. just color code changed.

I just noticed that I have a custom part for SuiteP in my instance. It looks like customization for dashlets but it might be of use in detailview. Please try out: KReporter_SuiteCRM_4_4_0.zip - Google Drive

Yes, I have already uploaded that package. I have an issue with the Detail page of the Report loading.

We got the issue of calling KReportCommon.js file calling two times.