KReporter doesn't show values for dynamic dropdown

I have installed KReporter on Sugar and I have added some dynamic dropdown fields in that. When creating the the report with those fields it is showing the name of the dynamic dropdown field.
EX: it shwos vehicle_swift instead of SWIFT

I have tested this with KReporter v3 and v4, But still same bug in both.

Can you please tell me how to do this or What is the change I should make and where?

what do you mean by a dynamic dropdown field?

There is an option to create drop downs which are dependent on another dropdown.(SuiteCRM)

that I fear is not supported. I have no idea how the SuiterCRM folks implemented this. Release 4.1 has the option to implement logic where selection values can be made dependent but this is for sure not the functionaltiy that the SUiteCRM folks implemented.