Reporter : unable to see reports in dashlets


I have many reports built with KReporter on SugarCRM 6.5.

For some of them, I add graphics ans I published them as dashlets (visualization).

Unfortunately, only admin can select the name of the report in the dropdown menu. For normal user, the menu is empty.

I check many things :

  • team is OK (Global, every user is in this team)
  • release : general release (I don’t no if it’s important).

Anyone have an idea ?

Hi Loris,
If I understood correctly you have a SugarCRM PRO 6.5.x. Which KReporter Version is in use? 3.0.6, 3.1 or 4.1 ?
Do you get any Javascript Errors in Browser console?


I have Reporter 3.1 with Sugar Pro 6.5.9

Attached a screenshot with normal user, where there is no choice to select.

Another screenshot with an admin user, there are many choice in the dropdown menu

Thank you Loris.
Is the sugar_config[‘KReports’][‘authCheck’] variable in config_override.php set to ‘PRO’ ?

Where can I find this information ?

in root folder of your Sugar instance. In config.php or config_override.php.
If you like, we can have a short screen sharing meeting and check together. In that case please contact me directly . I use TeamViewer 11 as screen sharing software.

I check with my developer
He found no trace of Kreport in config_override.php…

(I tried to contact you directly with your email, but I get a hardbounce!)

I had a typo error, sorry:

Enter $sugar_config[‘KReports’][‘authCheck’] = ‘PRO’;
in config_override.php. Create the file if it doesn’t exist for now.
or enter the line at the end of config.php

We add this line, but nothing change…

OK. Give me a call on Monday, we should screen share +43 1 890 8 361 106. Please make sure we have file sytsem access to check content. Call can be held in French by the way