Kreporter get active leads report

i want to create reports of all those leads which are not deleted, means in database deleted = ‘0’.
I try to search “deleted” named field but delete field is not showing.
please see the attachment for more detail.

please guid me how i can add condition for deleted.

No need to specify deleted field. KReporter automatically sets WHERE deleted=0 in query.

Thanks for reply.
i have run the query in database to get count of record where deleted = 0,
i am getting count of “28153” and when i create simple report of leads i am getting count of record “30323”. its means kreporter is not filtering out deleted record.

How does the query created by KReporter look like?
Turn the tool on under Integrate > Query Analyzer
Menu “Tools” will then be available and you will be able to select “Query Ananlyzer”. It will display the query created. Please, post it.

i have not query analyzer option.

OK. Your are running free version.
Then let me please have a look at your select and manipulate screens