KREST 2.2 install cancelled functional URL rewrite

Dear community,

Earlier today I got to a point where my test-spicecrm was funtionalm, loaded some users and fictional data. Then I installed KReporter (as its a great export tool), however it didn’t work. I checked permissions and they seemed fine. Reading through the site, I first asumed KREST was included in the installation, later I leaned that KREST needed to be installed seperately.

So I installed the module, from this moment on the start-up screen shows the message: “Url rewrite is not working. Please ensure you have enabled and configured url rewriting on this webserver.” (which had just disappeared earlier today).

cURL support: enabled
cURL Information: 7.58.0

Can anyone tell me how to get back to a running instance with an operational KReporter?

Set-up Ubutnu LTS 18.04, PHP 7.1

Thanks, Erik

which version of KReporter did you install ?
SpiceCRM is delivered with KReporter free version (4.3 is latest and only available in SpiceCRM distribution).

If you tried to install a KReporter v4.2 pro, then you definitely need KREST 2.5.3

Check also KREST installation guide
and make sure display_errors is php,ini is OFF

Dear Val,

I installed; and from your site (I just noticed it’s now 2.5.3), in this order.

The KReporter files uploaded and installed fine (but of course didn’t work), the installation of the krest file (using the installation manual) killed the (earlier functional) installation back to the error that URL rewrite is not functional.

The only option I see now (but have not had time to do) is to delete the instance completely and reinstall. Unless you have another smart way to reactivate the site.

Kind regards,


Erik, so let me summarize.
You have a spicecrm latest version (20180400).
You tried to install a Kreporter pro 4.2 in your instance.
Url rewrite error is displayed.

KReporter 4.2 is not compatible with spicecrm 20180400.
It’s because for that version of spicecrm we made a large update of KREST library.
We had no time to publish KReporter 4.3 pro and therefore we didn’t create any package at all (pro or core). That’s your problem.

Unfortunalety delete the instance completely and reinstall is the only possible way for now to get KReporter work again. If you need the version, then spicecrm 20180100 would be appropriate.
We planned to publish KReporter 4.4 (suitable with the KREST modification) this fall.
But we are not ready yet.

Hi Val,

Thanks for the heads up.

I’m not sure what the SpiceCRM version is, what I do know is that I have downloaded all files from your: site. It surprises me somewhat that the files available there are not compatible with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the work you are doing and did like what I saw when the CRM was functional. The URL renew, which is not needed in SuiteCRM nor SugerCRM is giving me some grief here, stil the theme in SuiteCRM in unworkable for us.

When I find some time, I’ll download spicecrm 20180100 and install Krest 4.2, with Kreporter 4.3. Frankly the only reason why I use Kreporter is its exporting capability…

One last question: I read everywhere that spicecrm includes Krest functionality, why is it that a separate krest module needs to be installed?

Thanks for your guidance,


Hi Erik,
due to lack of ressources we did’nt manage to pack KReporter Pro using the upgraded KREST library.
It will be corrected with KReporter release 4.4. We know it’s annoying, we just didn’t make it.

KReporter may be installed in a SugarCRM CE or a SuiteCRM. That’s why KREST library is downloadable separately.


Hi Val,

No problem, as said I appreciate the good work you are doing.

Kind regards,

Erik Verschuuren

Hi Val,

I have reinstalled SpiceCRM 20180400 and all is functional (except Kreporter). Then I tried to find the 20180100 version, but concluded that it could not be downloaded from Github. Can you tell me where to find it?

Kind regards,


Hi Erik,

please send me an e-mail to and I will send you a link to a shared download folder conatining spicecrm 2018.01.00