Link to record is the same, despite distinct IDs shown in Report

I’m using KReporter v3.1. I’m thinking this may be a bug.

I put together a report with some grouped fields (looking for duplicate entries) which uses the ID field as the field to count on. i.e. I’m counting how many distinct IDs can be found with a certain set of other fields being identical.

Then I add the ID field two more times, once with “max” once with “min”.
Then I set Link to Yes on the “present” tab for the two extra ID fields.

Result expected:
I see two different IDs for the duplicate entries with a respective link to the respective record.

Result actual:
I see two different IDs for the duplicate entries, but both link to the same (min) record. i.e. in one of these columns the link it sends me to does not correspond to the ID it shows me in the column.


if you don’t group by Verbuchungsdatum in manipulate but use Grouped view in presentation and without max and min fields, do you get the information you need?
Would be the list of IDs per Verbuchungsdatum.