Migrating from SugarCRM CE to SpiceCRM


I’ve been using SugarCRM for a little bit and I came across SpiceCRM from looking for a mobile application for the CE edition.

If I have data already in SugarCRM CE, how do I go about moving it over?

I’ve not seen any documentation or how-tos on transitioning. Or maybe I missed it. I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


we have built an upgrade package that is curretly in testing. If you are interested please send us an email to info@spicecrm.io and we send it to you. This will roll out soon for general avaialbility.


Ah, thanks. I just did it the hard way by exporting and re-importing things. I may try it on some test instances once it’s released to see how easy it makes it.


Hello! I am thinking on doing something similar but with SuiteCRM… Do you have an easy way to migrate my system from SuiteCRM 7.4 to your SpiceCRM?



That’s how I would try to update. No guarantee of success.

  1. Backup your SuiteCRM installtion including database
  2. Download SpiceCRM public version from public repository
  3. Install in a new folder, create own database without demo data
  4. Copy your SuiteCRM customizations to SpiceCRM installation (they shall be in custom Folder)
  5. Do repair rebuild and perform database fields creation / updates
  6. Open config.php and modify dbconfig parameters to point to your original SuiteCRM database
  7. Do repair/rebuild



Thank you! I will try that


@CSousa I’d be interested in your progress on this front.