Migrating from SugarCRM CE to SpiceCRM

I’ve been using SugarCRM for a little bit and I came across SpiceCRM from looking for a mobile application for the CE edition.

If I have data already in SugarCRM CE, how do I go about moving it over?

I’ve not seen any documentation or how-tos on transitioning. Or maybe I missed it. I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

we have built an upgrade package that is curretly in testing. If you are interested please send us an email to info@spicecrm.io and we send it to you. This will roll out soon for general avaialbility.

Ah, thanks. I just did it the hard way by exporting and re-importing things. I may try it on some test instances once it’s released to see how easy it makes it.

Hello! I am thinking on doing something similar but with SuiteCRM… Do you have an easy way to migrate my system from SuiteCRM 7.4 to your SpiceCRM?


That’s how I would try to update. No guarantee of success.

  1. Backup your SuiteCRM installtion including database
  2. Download SpiceCRM public version from public repository
  3. Install in a new folder, create own database without demo data
  4. Copy your SuiteCRM customizations to SpiceCRM installation (they shall be in custom Folder)
  5. Do repair rebuild and perform database fields creation / updates
  6. Open config.php and modify dbconfig parameters to point to your original SuiteCRM database
  7. Do repair/rebuild


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Thank you! I will try that

@CSousa I’d be interested in your progress on this front.

I would be interested in this as well. I’m currently maintaining an old SugarCRM CE installation and need to decide whether to go the Suite or SpiceCRM route.

Any inputs are appreciated. Thank you!

How old is you SugarCRM CE?
SpiceCRM is a fourk of SugarCRM CE 6.5.22.

Any 6.5 version should be easy to migrate.

  1. Backup your current database
  2. Download and install SugarCRM (create new database without demo data)
  3. Copy content of your old database to the new one except config and relationships tables.
  4. Try to login to SpiceCRM as admin
  5. Perform a repair/rebuild
  6. Move your config_override.php from old system to new file system
  7. Move your file customizations from your old filesystem to spicecrm. The ones located in custom folder
    GOOD TO KNOW: constructor Syntax was upgraded to __construct(). If you customized a view.detail.php and called the function ViewDetail() constructor, you will get an error. Or if you have a custom module and calle parent::SugarBean(), you will get an error.
    Monitor your php error log, errors will point to the files to correct.
  8. Perform a repair/rebuild
    That should be enough.
    If you made customization using the studio, they should work too but we can’t garantee that it will really work.

These are possible steps to upgrade to SpiceCRM.
If you want to upgrade to SpiceCRM UI then you some more work: re-define all layouts for all views. Try the upgrade of SpiceCRM first. It’s a condition being able to use SpiceCRM UI.


Hi Val,

After some delay I have started a new effort to move my SugarCRM-server into a PHP7 environment. Installing SuiteCRM runs like a dream.

The challange I have is getting my SugarCRM 6.5.26 (Build 378) data connected to the SpiceCRM backend. Still somehow, I end up with error messages either in PHPmyAdmin when importing the Sugar-db (some campaignfields are causing trouble) or when trying to create a new database it lacks the config data (as described).

I have not been able to get to the repair/rebuild section as Spice either doesn’t connect or PHPmAdmin imports data until an error arrises.

I hope you can provide some guidance here.

Kind regards,

I am sure I understand what you want to do. You want to connect your former Sugar-CRM Database instance to your SpiceCRM installation?


Hi Val,

Sorry for the delayed reply, yes, that would work or import the SugarCRM database in the on Spice generates when installing. Also there are a number of uploaded files and emails that need to be transferred.