SuiteCRM vs SpiceCRM

Is there any comparison between these 2 packages.
I was looking at SpiceCRM to replace SugarCRM.6.5
I am waiting for the PHP 7.1 support.

A friend has asked me to help him implement SuiteCRM with SugarChimp.
How do I explain where SpiceCRM and SuiteCRM sit in the CRM marketplace.


SpiceCRM contains improved tools for business logic and CRM customization:

  • Opportunities Guide (can also be customized for the other modules than Opportunities)
    Step by Step display to process an opportunity
  • Full Text Search integration with elasticsearch
  • Powerfull reporting tool (KReporter basic version)
  • easier integration of customized modules (release January 2018)
  • PHP7.1 support (release January 2018)

That would be to summarize SpiceCRM capabilities in our free edition.

SpiceCRM is further designed to support SpiceCRM UI, the technology more advanced User interface. The UI has the user in mind adding simple features to make working with SpiceCRM enjoyable and easy while reducing unnecessary clicks and steps wherever possible. Features like favorites, reminders, quick notes, drag and drop for object attachments or the integration of google maps are just small features that yet – we believe – have a big impact on usability and ease of use. Which is also a key fact to the user adoption of CRM in an organization.
Simply watch SpiceCRM UI video to see it in action: