Not working on sugar 7.2.2

I downloaded and installed all packages, rest, base and core on sugar crm 7.2.2 professional edition.
The base zip file didn’t installed I received an error: Invalid Package
I unzipped the file and zipped it again without the folder and it installed without errors but reports does not work.
Can you help me ?

Thank you

There are known issues with the installer in Sugar 7.2.2 … this is a sugar issue and not related to our packages. To fix this this needs to be addressed to Sugar themselves (or patch the system and remove some seemingly erroneous checks the sugar development team added). Unfortunately this is out of our control. The workaround here is to load the package manually … copying the files as they are defined in th emanifest.

Regardin gusing KReporter in Sugar7 … as we state on our website sugar7 is only supported with the Commercial extension package. with some tweaking you might get the free version also working in BWC mode but this is not offically supported and most likely will cause issues.