Report Does not run


We have a report and when you use Search/Filter Criteria = Date - “Is Between” - From = 22/10/2020 - To = 02/11/2020

When you input the above data the report does not run.

Any help is appreciated.

What is your reporter version?
In which crm (sugar, suite CRM, spicecrm) in which version is it running?


Version 4.2 and running with SugarCRM


SugarCRM CE? which version?


** Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509**

It is only an issue when the field is a date time. See screen shot below

I could’nt reproduce.
Is it a licensed KReporter version?
In that case please, turn on query analyzer (tab integrate).
Then view the report and get the query

Then post it

Hi this is a nonlicensed version and the Toolbar is greyed out

Ok Then catch the built:
open modules/KReports/KReport.php
find function getContextselectionResult
Scroll down to line 1260 or somewhere near 1260 ( I probably already debiugged some stuff in my version and added lines).

Add this code after the line:
$GLOBALS['log']->fatal('KReporterQuery = '.$query);
then save

Make sure your loglevel is set to fatal in config.php (or go to administration settings and set the parameter). I prefere to fatal in order to limit the amount of lines written in the log.

Call your report
Open sugacrm.log, you should see the query.
If you can run it directly to database, you shall see if it contains an error.
Or post-it here.