Phone software connection

Dear community,

We are trying to link HIPIN, a cloud-phone solution to my SpiceCRM installation. The SpiceCRM runs on an Ubuntu 18.08LTS Apache2 server.

After completing the URL, username, password in the phone application, the test returns a 404 message. Looking at the Apache access log I find this error message: /spicecrm/rest/v11/oauth2/token HTTP/1.1" 404 461 “-” “-”, which I believe is linked to the issue.

At this moment I suspect either SpiceCRM or Apache is blocking the search request from the phone software and I’m looking for guidance.

Looking forward to hear if anyone can push me in the correct direction.

Regards, Erik

rest/v11/oauth2/token is no SpicerCRM route. 404 is correct.

What is your objective?
Do you want to login to CRM with your cloud-phone credentials?
Or do you want telephony integration to CRM meaning call popping window with contact recognition where you can log a call immediately to CRM?

Hi Val,

Thanks for getting back.

The cloud phone software (HIPIN) has an option to pull data from SugarCRM, using the CRM URL,username and password are CRM credentials, this morning I used my CRM Admin credentials.

The goal of this link is to serve as a call identifier, so if the incomming number is in the CRM this name will be shown in the Phone interface. As we have our customers calling from all over Europe, this is a useful funcionality. When the call is finished the software can make an automatic entry loggin the call has happened.

At this point the challange is getting the connection to work.

I did notice rest/v11/oauth2/token doesn’t exist as a location in the spicecrm structure, but didn’t know how to place that information.

Does this info help?

Regards, Erik

Then you have to call SpiceCRM KREST API
Basic Authentication is described in our knowledge base

(just read the block Basic Authentication)

Thanks, Val!
I’ll look into this guidance.