Https support for spiceCRM on SuiteCRM

Your concept for a mobile app is great, i installed the krest_core_2_5_2 on my SuiteCRM Version 7.7.7
based on Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509). I got a permission error that i solved using the following code on the suiteCRM installation directory
-type f -exec chmod 644 {} +
-type d -exec chmod 755 {} +

I ran the krest test and it returned successful.
The problem i am having now is the android app wont connect to my HTTPS site.
*Is there a workaround i could use?
*My SSL certificate is self signed if that makes a difference. Thanks for any response.

the issue is with the self signed certificate. Android and iOS typically do not like them and rejects the connection. So either you use http or get a certificate from an official authority. But nowardays the costs for official certificates are quite low and you shoudl be able to get a certificate for almost no money.

btw - thnak you for the feedback. that is appreciated. Would be great if you can also leave a nice review on goolge play or the app store.

Ok! so i just installed a proper ssl certificate on my server (, how can i connect using https? I would love to give a positive review but i am unable to use spiceCRM due to the fact i cant connect using https. Do you have a quick patch i could try?

The krest install was OK, and i verified that it works. Trying to log in to my crm installation using regular http failed. i got a popup saying Error Conencting (i think this should be “Connecting”). My Suitecrm is on a subdomain that uses the same ip as my main domain if that makes a difference.

hmmm … to switch to https just click on the http:// on the login screen. then it toggles betwene http and https. However if you cannot conect via http that sound like another issue already. Can you send me more details as well as the url + username + password via email to … then I can check what might be the issue.

Yeah the installation was not clear, i thought the krest api was the only thing i needed to install on my suitecrm installation. I initially saw the “SpiceCRM mobile” download but i thought is was just a reference to the android app. Your installation instruction on the Google Play Store only spoke about the krest api. I did not know that the “SpiceCRM mobile” needed to be installed on my SuiteCRM also, which i just did. Maybe you could rename “SpiceCRM Mobile” to “Spice Connector”, “Spice Link” or just include the functions in the krest api(“Just thoughts”) oh! and please update the instruction on the play store to include installing the “SpiceCRM mobile” also. SpiceCRM now connects with my SuiteCRM installation. I left a review on the Google Play Store under the name Bimmer Knights. Thank you so much for a wonderful app. I have tried many apps and non of them worked. As i continue to test, it i hope i can leave feedback that helps to make your app better.

thank you for the feedback … will see that I maybe add it just in the next ore KREST package … might make it easier. If you find it useful you might also want to please spread the word in the SuiteCRM Forums … some people actually might there also be looking for a mobile App as well.

ill do my best to make mention of you app the next time i write on the suiteCRM forum. I also have an idea for pro version of your app. Email me if your interested.