Pivot Report - Totals and Formatting Enhancement

It would be nice if:

  1. Sum Totals could be formatted. e.g. 14788147 is 14,788,147. The data columns can be formatted so the total should too.
  2. Option to allow column and total values to be right aligned. Currently the only option is centred and makes it more difficult to read. When reading figures, as In Excel, most prefer to see right alignment
  3. Column widths can be a little squashed and requires a lot of trial and error to attempt a readable layout. For example, the first column can either be only a few pixcels wide and you cant read the content or it ends up too wide and squeezes the values. Not sure how you can deal with this! I understand the technicalities. But maybe there is a way for the user to drag the columns to a set place and save the layout when viewing the report output??
  4. When column names are wide could they be wrapped onto multiple rows within a column rather than extend on one line to the end of the text. Sometimes this makes pivot reporting look messy because each column has varying widths.

Just some ideas!.. It’s amazing how these simple changes make the difference between a disgruntled user that thinks the system is ‘unfinished’ and a raving advocate who loves the system. Simple changes / big rewards for everyone