ReferenceError: YAHOO is not defined

So I am evaluating the spicecrm project to see how it works differently to the SugarCRM community edition. I get to the install screen and when I click the next button the above issue is happening. I have no issue in fixing this problem, how would I create a patch and submit it back to the community ? Has anyone else experienced this ?

you can post proposed fixes here or create a ull request on our git repository.

Thanks for your response, the issue turns out was permission orientated, so my patch will be quite simply to have perhaps an extra validation on the setup process to ensure that the folder permissions are correct. I thought my permissions were correct, turns out they weren’t, that said an average person shouldn’t struggle so early on in the setup because of permissions, perhaps we can add a fall back for YAHOO library from global CDN ?

a well known issue … overall this will become less of an issue over time since we are phasing out the current UI replacing it with the new UI during this year. Then the complete Yahoo library will be no longer needed.

You can get a feel for the new UI with is video we just published. … enjoy also the speed and rersponsetimes.

Great video, I will be very excited to see this released.