Repeated modules

When creates a Kreport, I’m seeing that in the list of modules, there are modules with the name repeated, and when you choose them, they refer to different ‘Folders’.
Example: ‘Favorites’ (one to ‘SugarFavorites’ and the other to ‘Sugar_Favorites’), ‘Roles’ or others modules created in the constructor.
Is this an error? Why it happens?

not sure I understand where you see these … maybe you can share a screenshot that makes it easier to understand where this occurs.

(1) this looks like an outdated verison of KReporter. is this 3.0 or 3.1? Please updated to 4.1
(2) the list is pulled from your modules list defined in the system. If you have two favorites modules defined the modules will show up here. KReporter is simply reading your systems setup and presenting it back to you.