Retrieving relationship modules from the same module


When we have a relationship within the same module and try to create a report based on that module, we can’t list the modules related when it is the second level relationship of that module.

Here an screenshot (“Personas” module is the “Contacts”):

And it appears the error in the browser’s console:

ext-all.js:38 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined
at i.updateIndexes (ext-all.js:38)
at i.onAdd (ext-all.js:38)
at i.callParent (ext-all.js:38)
at i.onAdd (ext-all.js:38)
at (ext-all.js:38)
at i.continueFireEvent (ext-all.js:38)
at i.fireEvent (ext-all.js:38)
at insert (ext-all.js:38)
at i.onNodeExpand (ext-all.js:38)
at (ext-all.js:38)

We understand Kreporter 3.1 isn’t supported anymore but we leave it here in case the community got a solution.


Could you post you link and relationship definitions ?

I can’t understand what you mean about the link. But you can test this as well with the SugarCRM core relationship “reports to” or “Direct Reports”.

See the screenshot:

I checked data retrieved in the backend. Looks well formed. It appears to be a rendering problem in frontend. Sorry, can’t help.