SpiceCRM More Edition

We have SpiceCRM More Edition (checked out today). For us it is essential, that LDAP as authentication backend. I put in backend/config.php the “old” ldap-Configuration from a former Sugar-Installation, but i cannot auth against ldap. In an old testinatalltion with suitecrm this worked perfectly.


Hi Sebastian,
Did you checkout master branch?
I am asking because I think we made some work on ldap since relase 2020.02.001. I 'll check.

I know there are some credentials in config vars or config table (look for category ldap), especially a password that is blowfish encoded. You need the blowfish key from your former sugar installation to be able to decode the password.
Have a look in custom/include/blowfish (or is it just custom/blowfish?) in your former installation and move the key to your Spice install to the same location.
It might help.

It seems, that external_auth with ldap is not working. Yes, i checked out the master branch.

I followed your instructions: copied the custom/blowfish, added the ldap-config to config table in database, too. After enabling “debug” log, i see no try to connect to ldap-server. Btw. in DB, there are no user_hashes set. We use the external_auth option, where the password is checked against the ldap-server. I made a quick check with tcpdump. There is no connect to the ldap-server.


Hi again…

i found one additional entry in config table:
you have to
sql> insert into config (category,name,value) values (‘system’,‘ldap_enabled’,1);



One additional question: Is the backend in newer releases disabled? We get only a blank page and in Webdeveloper Console an Internal Server Error

We added some own field and need to make the old Administrarion->Quick repair.
I found a similiar function in the new frontend, but this one throw an error:

and hangs.


In your release version it should be available.
A 500 error leads to think of a parse error somewhere in the vardefs. Potentially accounts.
Do you get the exact line in php error log?
Comment line error_reporting(1) at the top of KREST/index.php

Hmm… but it is not available.

I moved the custom fields away… the sync in FE works as expected. I made a syntax-check of the files and all are ok. The files worked well in a older version. Example (spicecrm/backend/custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_rate_consulting.php):

$dictionary[‘Account’][‘fields’][‘rate_consulting’] = array(
‘name’ => ‘rate_consulting’,
‘type’ => ‘currency’,
‘len’ => ‘26’,


And no error in sugarcrm.log?

No, im sorry…


ok then we shall set a debug online meeting.
PLease contact me at valerie.maret@twentyreasons.com
Today I am off, on Monday if you like.

i got the backend running. You removed the folder jssource, which seems that is missing. After copiing an old one and uncomment jssource in SugarTheme.php i was able to “repair” the database and got my custom fields. Your “new” Repair function is still in error.
Monday is full… Maybe tuesday. I send an email.

Have a nice weekend,

Hmm… one more thing… In Accounts the Details and Sales Tab are empty…


from which repository did you download spiceCRM?
And which branch do you have in use?
jssource folder was removed only yesterday and it is only in development branch.

I checked out the master-branch for github, with authentication. Maybe there is the issue. I think i change to a release branch and come back.


i made a new installation and used an older release (release_202001002), because this is the last one with jssource included. I still have “Problems”, maybe in my brain to add my custom fields to the UI. After adding in my understanding, details tab wont work and my tab, wont work, too. Do you have somewhere a good documentation, how to add own fields with fieldsets, components and so on?


release_202001002 is very old. I suggest to wait wait for coming release planned by the end of 2020.

Regarding documentation: we don’t have much public documentation for now. We make trainings on demand against fee.
Since coming SpiceCRM version will come with the new dictionary manager (let say like the old Studio you may know but much better), I really would wait a bit.