After installation SpiceCRM backend keeps loading


I am trying to install SpiceCRM on my Digital Ocean server. I followed this guide. and PDF too.

Somehow, Elastic search was not installed correctly. Although I have installed SpiceCRM backend. Installation successful but when I clicked on the “Next” button and also ran backend URL directly from the browser, it keeps loading. I have waited for 15 minutes but nothing happened.

Can you please guide?


Please perform some checks:

  1. Did you clone master branch from or download the zip?

  2. any error in php error log when you call spicecrm backend login url?

  3. Is url rewrite enabled?
    Call http://yourspicecrmurl/KREST/sysinfo in browser.
    Do you get a json string on screen?

  4. Did you turn off display_errors in your php.ini?

Thanks for your reply.

  1. Yes, I have cloned from GIT
  2. PHP Notice: Undefined index: db in /var/www/html/backend/include/SugarLogger/LoggerManager.php on line 108
  3. Yes, rewrite enabled. When I call http://yourspicecrmurl/KREST/sysinfo in the browser, it keeps loading as well as sysinfo is not there at that location.
  4. Yes, errors are off

OK. So you get a white screen?
Looks like url rewrite is not active or a php extension might be missing.
Open KREST/index.php, comment line 19
so that your error_reporting level set in your php.ini will prevail.
Call the KREST/sysinfo endpoint again and check the php log.
Check also apache access.log, just in case.

It seems like it has problem with installation on IP address.

I have tried on 3 different server and access CRM through IP like, etc. All has same error but when I have installed on another server that configured with domain like it worked on the first try.

There was a same server configuration.