The browser console error - cannot display table

When we save a report, we are not getting a presentation table.

The browser console error is as below.

kreportsbase1.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'k247c9b9c86afc91918c6c63c05d6')
    at i.generateSummaryData (kreportsbase1.js:1:8254)
    at i.getFragmentTpl (ext-all.js:38:1132737)
    at i.getTableTpl (ext-all.js:38:1290111)
    at i.setNewTemplate (ext-all.js:38:1037049)
    at i.refresh (ext-all.js:38:1039838)
    at i.doFirstRefresh (ext-all.js:38:940621)
    at i.finishRender (ext-all.js:38:935663)
    at i.finishRenderItems (ext-all.js:38:291419)
    at i.finishRender (ext-all.js:38:298980)
    at i.finishRenderChildren (ext-all.js:38:325032)

If anyone knows how to fix it, please let us know.

Looks like there is a field missing or a misconfigured link to a related table.

round(({valueA} / {valueB}) * 100.00,2)

What’s wrong in it?

I think that you’re correct. There are some issues with functions or data.