Accounts without contacts

This question is for Kreports gurus. Often, i need to get a list of all objects not having a type of child relationship. Accounts without contacts is a good example. I notice under select you can set the required field to Notexisting if Operator is function, however it doesnt do the job.

To work around I set everything as optional, do a group by, count the child id and sort descending so the 0s are at the bottom but its not ideal.

Is there a proper way to do this type of queries?


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Notexisting under select is not implemented. For your purpose you need to query on null ids for contacts.
Using Accounts as root module, go to SELECT tab
Accounts > Contacts => ID field from contacts
Operator => is null
Required => optional

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Dear Val, Works like a charm i have been struggling with this for two years. Cant tell you how much I appreciate your help!! Vedat