ACLs for business units and groups

I want to create user groups.
Example. I have an Acme business unit. I have two user groups: A and B. In Group A there are users with standard privileges and one user who has access to their users’ data in their group. Similarly, group B. I also want to have a user with the privilege of a director who has access to a business unit. He does not want to have administrator rights, however. He wants to do several business units and have a CEO user with rights to these units. How can I do this? What is the function of Group User in SpiceCRM?

Thank you for all the help in this topic.



in the core there is no such functionality. since we are based on SugarCRM the default authorization mechanism is the SugarCRM Roles. But the good news is that we are adding our own ACL Methods and there this will be possible, that will be available in Q4 as part of SpiceCRM.

In the meantime this can be done by a custom implementation of course.


Thank you for the reply and good news. Now I will do it by custom methods.

I’m waiting for the next release of SpiceCRM :slight_smile: