Workflow section

Sorry for question, I’m new on Spice project.
But what’s the difference from SugarCE?
Just installed spice, but I don’t see the workflow (very important for me)
Thank you

SpiceCRM is the next level of Evolution of SugarCRM. As SugarCRM decides to let its CE version go, we decided to pick it up and continue in the spirit but even make it better. Not only are we utilizing what has been done in the past. We are further developing the core ensuring support for new technologies like PHP7 which gives huge performance gain (PHP7.1. in coming December release). Yet we are also adding missing functionality with our focus to make an Enterprise fit product. Missing features in SugarCRM like a Territorry Management, state of the Art reporting and other tools are available and complete our understanding of what an enterprise class product needs to support.
Workflow is a SugarPRO functionality, not CE. SpiceCRM also has a workflow module (beta version for now but being developed) but as in Sugar, it is not part of Community Edition.


I too am wondering about workflow. I installed Spice and was ready to test it out, albeit I’m not seeing the type of “workflow” functionality I require.

Am I not seeing it, or has it not been added yet? I believe I read that MySQL calls could be used (without changing code, ie within a module) is that possible?

Also, is there a manual (can’t seem to find that neither)?

Thanks in advance


workflow module for SpiceCRM is only delivered with Spice UI and is not in the free version.
More details will be published soon on