API documentation

Hey team,

Is there any recent API documentation? and working examples?
Looking at what options we have to integrate with Zapier, Integromat or N8N

I know the front end is all API, so assuming it should be a rather simple integration :slight_smile:

Since spicecrm 2021.02.001 API documentation is directly build in the CRM. We have an API inspector in the workbench which documents all routes definitions and their use.
We are also building a SpiceCRM partner/integrator network and will for sure publish typical examples for the use of SpiceCRM API. If knowledgebase was currently reachable you would find some examples there. Are you a CRM integrator? Do you have interest in getting contacted by our partner programm manager?

Hey Val,

I can be found here

How do you Upsert a record?

ie if we are wanting to submit a marketing inquiry with a contact via api from a website form.
I can only see from the API inspector how to enrich data once the primary record is in place.

You can always use the generic route to post a record

Thanks Dwayne,
I forwarded the linkedin link to my colleague in charge for SpiceCRM partner management. We just started to build a network in Europe and we are open to the world. So if you get contacted by twentyreasons that should be her.