User / Admin Documentation

Hey team,

Is there any updated documentation beyond the installation guides?

I know this was once active but have nothing there anymore

ie wanting to confirm the upgrade process?
We have an instance on our server for the last year or so, and keen to see where things are at with the platform

Potentially thinking the index on Knowledge is broken? needs a re-index? also see that its running an old instance from 2019, is this being maintained?


Recommended default config aswell

For instance default installed with no schedulers so I am unsure what drives the Spice Imports module so we can import some sample data

We need an update of ssl certificate on knowledgebase. Until the update can be done knowledgebase is unfortunately off.
We are preparing release 2021.03.001 which brings lots of architectural changes for the better. I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Val,

Sounds good,
Is there a fully working and configured demo spicecrm with admin access that could be reviewed in the meantime?

Keen to see the appropriate working configs to troubleshoot.


I am not sure we open our demo site to admin users.
I’ll check that.
What do you need to trouble shoot?

to answer your question about import: there is a scheduler function called “processSpiceImports”.
So you can create a schedulers entry and pick that function.