BUG REPORT: Lead convert bug

When I using Lead Conversion Option Move or Copy


I cant Convert Lead. It is possible to convert lead only if I select Contact and Acccouint. But nor if I try to Create Contact and Account


Also when I convert Lead than Contact is not connected to Account, only Lead is connected to that new Account

Do you have fix for this bug?

Analysis is ongoing.

Any news about this?

Javascript validations do the contrary of what they should. Reverting logic is not enough, creating contact / account does not work properly when I do. Deeper understand of the logic is necessary, unfortunately time that we don’t have for now. May be in the winter.

Ok but this is main CRM function and this must work

You will be glad to read that the bug will be fixed in coming release (We had to postpone to January)

There is one more bug here

When you convert lead to new contact and new account, that new contact is not connected to that new account. You need manually connect that new contact to that new account.