Create NEW Targetlist from 4.4 missing

There is no longer an option to create a new target list from a kreport.
The only options are to update existing lists.
Has this feature been removed?
SuiteCRM 7.10.10

Feature hasn’t been removed. I juts tried it under suitecrm 7.10.10.
No problem encountered.
Is the primary module (the one select when you start your report) Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Prospects or Users?
That’s a requirement to be able to export as a targetist.

Apologies. It is fine. I was trying from another module

Has 4.4 been released yet? I’m only seeing v4.2 on the downloads page.

No it hasn’t been released yet. Simon is helping testing 4.4 under suitecrm 7.10 and SuiteP theme. We had a major problem with Dashlets. I hope 4.4 will be ready for Christmas.

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