K Reports dashlet no selectable/loading

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SuiteCRM version 7.7.9 and K-Reports version 4.2

Dashlet K-report visualisation not loading. It automatically selects a report but you can’t chose another. You can paste the report ID in but then it’s not loading properly


KReporter 4.4 will support Dashlets on Home Dashboard (not in additional tabs) in SuiteCRM 7.10.

Hi Val, will it ever support multiple tabs ? or only ever the home page?

I can’t tell if multiple tabs support is possible in SuiteCRM. Analyzing would take too much time. It’s a costs / ressources issue for now.


how much would it cost us for you to invest the time to test? We would look to cover this cost. We want to put 30 new customers onto KReports extension so the costs can be recovered through these sales.

Today its nearly working. The reports can be configured on multiple tabs and 50% of the time they work so KR is not far off a solution. It just needs to work every time because, by its nature, if it only works half the time, the users (at best) just switch off but more often complain and demand a refund - claiming they have been mis-sold.


Kreporter rate is 120,- EUR per hour. I can’t tell if one day is enough. I can invest the time. If nothing comes out, we don’t bill.

What do you say?


Thats fine. one/two days is ok if our problems go away.

Can you confirm if you can spare the time. Actually I am presenting the update to 7.10 to over 100 end users next week. The dashboards are a big part of the ‘new’ release and something I want them to be enthused about (so they buy the upgrade!).

Loading of reports in dashlets/multi tabs etc
Filtering by “assign to parent”

These are key to our customers crm adoption.


I am really busy these days. I’ll to do some analysis this Friday. Depending on what comes up I can tell more.


I appreciate that. Thanks.
As I say, I will pay whatever it takes to have these issues added to your list of priorities. We want you to be “busy” working on important things :rofl: :hugs:

Hoping you had a chance to review this on Friday?

not on Friday but today.
I am able to load presentation dashlets, switch dashboard, going back and kreporter dashlets are being loaded (I tried with standardview). That’s some progress.
I still have problems with visualization dashlets. Dashlet container is not displayed.
I will continue research tomorrow.

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Just making me crazy. I’ve got presentation and visualization display (reports are loading) but configure dashlet window for a report dashlet will not load properly after moving from 1 dashboard to another.
Switching Tab pushes new html content and included javascripts seem not to be loaded properly.

I know it makes me crazy too! I’m so hoping you will find some magic. We have so many people relying on you. Keep going… you will find a solution…

Simon , I found a workaround.
I need to re-test tonight, I hope I can deliver install packages tomorrow morning.


test packages are loaded to our shared drive.
Please check the howto file to make KREST3.1 work with SuiteCRM 7.10
Then install KReporter.
There is an additional package for SuiteCRM: it contains customized SuiteP templates for KReporter Dashlets.

OK some good results.
Tested on SuiteCRM v7.10.10 with KReports V4.4 (development) and KREST 3.1.

Dashboards containing visualisations load and reload as you move between Tabs
Record level Subpanel Dashlets load (we had to apply the Javascript fixes for this to work)
The dashlets don’t load in their allocated Tab and only show on the ALL Subpanel tab (minor issue)

Well done Val!