Currency symbol

Is it possible to use currency symbol from right side of numbers?

not yet.You may make a code change for this in
function format_place_symbol

We will add a configuration option for this in Winter Release.


Did you add this configuration option?

Add $[‘sugar_config’][‘default_currency_symbol_position’] in config.php and set ‘right’ if you want the currency symbole to written after the value.

Can you please write step by step instructions because I can not get this done

Thank you

in config.php file located in the root of your spicecrm installation you will find the array $sugar_config. Add an entry to this array: ‘default_currency_symbol_position’ => ‘right’. You may put it just below the one called default_currency_symbol.

Ok, thank you.

Now I need space before currency symbol. After amount and symbol there should be space.

How to do that?

One more thing - currency symbol in KReporter is still on left side :frowning:

Add a space before symbole in your currency definition. Administration > Currencies.
Regarding KReporter: it uses a different rendering function in which this config parameters is not considered yet.