Incorrect currency symbol on dashboard

We have a report presentation containing currencies. In the report the currency fields show GBP £ correctly but when we add the report to a dashboard as a dashlet the currency is displayed in Euros. Is there somewhere where we can set this correctly? We are using version 4.1.0 on SuiteCRM v.7.8 (sorry :))

Currencies list is indeed not loaded in dashlets. Currency symbol therefore falls back to default currency. This will be fixed in next release for which we haven’t any publication date yet.
I would like to send you 2 files per e-mail containing correction. Do you have access to your SuiteCRM file system and server rights to overwrite files?

Thanks. Please send the files and we will apply.

Please can you send these 2 files to me so we can fix this issue. Thanks Val
We tested on 4.2 and this issue still exists even though your release notes say it is fixed
Dashlets: euro symbol displaying instead of default currency

The 2 files would have been for 4.1.
I re-checked the currency symbol issue and I noticed some problems in upcoming version 4.4. Fix will be implemented in 4.4

Thanks. Any idea when 4.4 will be available?

Release should be some time in fall 2018

Euro currency showing on report in dashboard
Shows in pounds sterling in Kreport editor
This is on latest development version 4.4 on Suite 7.10, KRest 3.1

Is your field a native currency field like amount in opportunities?
Or is it a custom fiel?
Or is it override type currency in the report?