Database Type dropdown is blank. Stops installation

Trying to install SpiceCRM and I get stuck choosing Database Type on Database Configuration screen.

I’ve also observed the System Requirements spinner spinning for < 20 seconds…

…then returning a “blank” screen with no completed checks but I am able to carry on by pressing Next

On Database Configuration screen I can click on the Database Type dropdown but I can’t see anything in there (should be MySQL)

Ubuntu Server 20.04
PHP 7.4.3
MySQL 5.7.33

The drop down should contain a list of possible database extensions.
Did you install php extension for mysql?

make a phpinfo() file and see if mysql is enabled.
on ubuntu the command to install the php extension shall something like: apt-get install php-mysql

@maretval I am facing the same issue. this is an Alpine Linux 3.11 and I have php mysql extension installed and enabled. I checked php_info and looks fine to me.
I used the same host config for hosting other PHP applications with mysql and it works fine.
any thoughts where do check to fix this issue?

I actually fixed this issue - and dont know how ! it was either the ui which didnt allow the drop-down to display or some mingling and restarts that fixed it !
I am facing a different issue now after installation - not allowing me to login and seeing some errors in apache logs

SpiceCRM_UI_installation_guide_v2.pdf (764.7 KB)