Installation failed New version



it’s Windows , php 7.1 , mysql 5.7


Are you installing over an existing spicecrm instance?


No,i was installing fresh… but it was for mysql 8.0


interesting behaviour.
The screen you posted shall not appear on a fresh install. Only config.php was generated, installation crashes and restart it.
Can find any error in sugarcrm.log? or in php error log?
If so, please post them


I think problem was only one time. I changed mysql8 to mysql5.7 , then it goes smoothly.


ok. Thanks for the feedback. We will have a look at mysql 8. I guess some standards need our attention.


Just to help you:

mysql8 added “rank” as keyword. remove it from any vardefs or metadata file.


That’s the pain point, thanks! :+1: