Installation issue

I’m not able to run the installation of spicecrm. I’ve cloned spicecrm_be_release_core and spicecrm_fe_release_core .
Then when I’m trying to run the installer localhost/myspicecrm/backend , I get this error:
Cannot load DB manager
In backend/sugarcrm.log the error is:
[3114][-none-][FATAL] unable to load DB manager for:
The error seems to be caused by missing configuration (config.php is not created).

Also when I access localhost/myspicecrm/backend it is not redirected to localhost/myspicecrm/backend/install.php (as I see in your video https://www.spicecrm.io/installing-spicecrm-2019-001-01-a-short-tutorial/), and install.php doesn’t exist in backend directory.

Installation process is now to be triggered from frontend.
Just call http://localhost/myspicecrm/
(supposing frontend is cloned there)

It works, thank you very much!

@maretval is there a version 2 of the installation guide ? the one I have is out-dated.
I see errors in the error.log of apache and can’t figure out the issue