Date time filter not working in a pivot


We have a report that uses the pivot plugin. We have one of the date time fields in the Select tab set to allow edit. When we try to make changes to the date time field in the Search/Filter Criteria the report’s data doesn’t update. It continues to show the same data set. We haven’t seen this in other report types, only pivot reports. Could this be looked into please?


Hi Jonny, I could not reproduce behaviour on my instance. Could you send me your report configuration (the table row content for the report from kreports table) to my usual e-mail address?

I have the exact same problem.
I can change the datetime with the popup, then I click on the cross at the top right of the popup, and nothing happens.
The report is not updated, there is no javascript run, nothing.

Hi, go to report, edit, tab select and check that the field Select Clause is AND