Datatime export error

We are using kreporter v3.1 and we have a situation:

We have a report that shows different data such as a datatime.
We understand that when a datatime is entered into sugarcrm, sugarcrm saves the time in gmt +0 and then the same sugarcrm adds the time zone of each user, for example gmt +2 in summer time in our case.
Therefore, in sugarcrm you enter “12:30”, sugarcrm saves it as “10:30” and both sugarcrm as kreporter shows “12:30”.
So far everything is right.

But when this report is exported to CSV, export does not take the time that the kreporter has listed but instead takes the time in gmt +0 and therefore CSV exports “10:30” when in fact it should export "12:30 ".

Is this a bug in v3.1?
Is there any solution that does not involve doing an update of the version?


I had a look at the csv export under KReporter 3.1.0
Datetime values in CSV are corerct. In Reportview they are wrong.
Following example date_entered 23.11.2016 10:14 UTC
Display in Report 23.11.2016 12:14 (my User has Europe/Vienna as timezone). This means gmt +1 in winter and gmt +2 in summer. It should display 23.11.2016 11:14.
CSV export => 23.11.2016 11:14 That is correct.

Error is somewhere is javascript and I can’t debug that for a 3.1.0. Sorry.

What you can do is set datetimeUTC in present > override type.
At least date time would have a correct value. You probably import teh csv to excel, they’re shall a way to convert the value to proper datetime zone.