English Packs - Custom or Open contributions

What is the process of creating my own language pack or contribute to the pool?
The english translations are getting on my nerve and I know I will get an earful

To create your own language pack you would have to customize all the labels using labels manager in the workbench. For each label you can add a custom translation. But you won’t have fun looking for each current translation and overwrite it with your own.
We don’t have any collaboration platform for translations either.

What I can do is send you the list of labels with their current approximate English translations and their ids in an excel sheet. You work on the translations that bother you and we re-import them into our language package reference.
We currently have about 1500 labels in the database.

Some translations are stil in files (dropdown lists, some system messages). They wouldn’t be part of the file.

Would you like to go for it?

Hey yeah,

If you could send that through, that would be great

Excel spelling auto correct should pick up the majority of them

Everything just has a very german feel at the moment ie the login default for english is Englisch (US), first impressions there and we lose the confidence of users